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B2Broker Enhances B2Core Highlighting New Ticker Widget for Dashboard Development

B2Core clients can experience further benefits from the latest functionality added by the B2Broker development team.
Author: Rosemary Barnes

As all B2Core users are aware, we constantly update the solution on an ongoing basis to ensure everyone always has access to the best cabinet solution on the market.

Additional Withdrawal Channel

Following the integration of 9 withdrawal channels earlier this month, we have now added Payeer, all of which are applicable to all B2Core users.

Ticker Widget for Dashboard

We have further enhanced the B2Core dashboard with the addition of a new Dashboard Ticker Widget. Clients with MT will now be able to stream their prices on the front page of their cabinet. The instruments are fully configurable on the admin panel of B2Core. These included the ones displayed right after the page load or the ones that can be added to view. This new development is applicable to all B2Core users with the Ticker Widget. See attached the design.

Automatic Creation of Product Configuration

We have developed Product Configuration for Automatic Creation upon Login. You can now set up your B2Margin accounts, MT accounts or personal wallets so they are automatically created for users once they login to the system, straight after configuration. Applicable to all B2Core users.

Admin Panel Deep Cleaning

The development team has conducted a further iteration of Admin Panel Deep Cleaning, removing several table columns and re-positioning the sections slightly. This upgrade is applicable to all B2Core users.

Helpdesk Drag&Drop Visualisation

We have improved Helpdesk Drag&Drop Visualisation. This means that when the end-user drags the file to the ticket creation or ticket response, the indication zone will appear, guiding them on where they should drop the files. This feature is applicable to all B2Core users with Helpdesk. See attached designs.

Converter History UI

We have revisited Converter History UI and reworked the transaction history to appear as cards with clicks on them, refilling the data in the converter module to “repeat” the exchange. This upgrade is applicable to all B2Core users with the Converter Module. See attached design.

So Many Reasons to Integrate B2Core!

B2Core is very straightforward to use and is the industry’s top and constantly evolving solution that helps admins gain accurate control over their financial business operations. If you are looking for the best trader’s room solution, choose B2Core - the industry’s number one choice.