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B2Core Updates: 2nd March, 2021

B2Broker is pleased to announce to clients, its latest set of B2Core updates and improvements, which are effective from 2nd March, 2021. The enhanced features ensure that all users have ongoing access to the most technologically advanced CRM solution in the market.
Author: Rosemary Barnes

New Features

  • Wallets Overview Widget

  • We have developed and implemented an audit algorithm that checks financial transactions and calculates abnormal discrepancies. The new Audit button is now available in Clients > Requests.
  • Wizards v2

  • We have completely reworked and polished up wizards functionality, providing the opportunity to configure some parts of business logic such as registration, password recovery, profile changing, verification, etc, on the side of the Back Office. Each wizard has a series of steps available for installation, as well as a list of default steps. The System > Wizards section is now available in the menu. We continue to work on such improvements.
  • AS Technologies and Jeton Wallet Integration

  • We have integrated two new payment systems, to include AS Technologies and Jeton Wallet.


  • We have developed Public Adv UI for all our B2Trader Exchange clients. This feature is available by contacting your account manager.

  • When changing the email of a user with the B2Trader platform through the Back Office, the email will now also be automatically changed on the platform.

  • Balance (USD) and Balance (EUR) fields have been added to clients accounts.

  • We have added several adjustments to the iDenfy integration to make it even more efficient.

  • We have improved the handling of unsuccessful hedging. Hedging status and logs are now available in transaction details.

  • We have added transfer details where you can also see Request Info, in the event the transfer was made via the request.

  • We have added Address Management to the Security section where you can see which addresses the client has added to the whitelist.

  • We have added Final Amount and Final Currency to Deposits and Payouts tables.

  • You can now see which admin has added a comment on the Compliances tab.

  • There is no more double verification for the Mercuryo payment system; we can now use the SumSub token for it.

  • We have changed the logic of calculation of Min Deposit Amount in product details; it will ignore the restriction in the case of 0 or an empty value.

  • We have made several adjustments to make Back Office tables more efficient and quicker to load.

About B2Core

B2Core is B2Broker’s award-winning pack-based client cabinet solution (CRM) for the financial services industry offering a huge range of capabilities to deliver an innovative and unique bespoke service for clients. B2Core is not only easy to use, it is the ultimate solution for gaining complete control over your financial business operations. For further information, please email